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Important information for patients and caregivers about California's Medical Marijuana ID Card Program

For over a decade, the Compassionate Use Act (Prop. 215) has allowed patients in California to legally use medical marijuana pursuant to their doctors? recommendations. Unfortunately, many patients are still subjected to unnecessary legal problems at the hands of state and local law enforcement.

State law requires counties to administer a medical marijuana ID card program that works to protect patients from false arrest, detainment or seizure of property.

This program is voluntary for qualified patients and caregivers but many choose to become card holders because it greatly reduces their risk of unnecessary legal hassles. Implementation of the program even benefits those who choose not to obtain a card because it forces the county to acknowledge our state's medical marijuana laws.

Most counties are complying with the law by offering the ID cards but some counties are still leaving patients at risk by not implementing this vital program.

If your county is not offering the cards, please call the number provided at the link below and urge your county department of health or board of supervisors to implement the ID card program.

Click here to for your county's contact information for the medical marijuana ID card program.


Feel free to use the following talking points when calling your county supervisor or health officer:

? The ID cards protect patients and caregivers from lengthy detainment, arrest, seizure of property or unnecessary court proceedings. While cases involving legal medical marijuana patients are ultimately dismissed, this causes an undue burden on our judicial system and most importantly, the seriously ill.

? The majority of California's counties have already implemented the program. The need for uniform and consistent application of the law should compel all remaining counties to implement the ID card program.

? The ID card program will greatly assist law-enforcement because it offers an easy means of identifying bona fide medical marijuana patients, freeing up their valuable time serving the community.

? The county has a legal responsibility to implement the program, as a requirement of Senate Bill 420, passed into law in 2003 and later upheld by the San Diego Superior Court in December 2006.

? Voters' support for safe and legal access to medical marijuana has only grown stronger since the passage of the Compassionate Use Act in 1996. Three out of four Californians now support implementation of the state's medical marijuana laws?including 63% of Republicans.

Click here to for your county's medical marijuana ID card program price and contact phone number.



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