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Help end the legal abuse of Cannabis patients and Caregivers

Thanks and appreciation to Kern County District Attorney Jagels

Letter to the Editor, Bakersfield Californian

We, as Medical Cannabis Patients and/or Caregivers wish to offer our thanks and respects to Kern County District Attorney Jagels, and the appreciation of the many Medical Cannabis Patients throughout California, for his prompt, honest and thoughtful response to our request for his implementation guidelines to fulfill Kern County's legal responsibility per SB420, The Medical Cannabis ID Card program.

The idea of SB420 was to clarify problems with the Medical Cannabis Initiative of 1996, known as Proposition 215. Theoretically, arrests and harassment of Cannabis Patients and Caregivers should have stopped at the latest by January 1, 2004, starting in 1996 when patient rights were assured by Prop 215. All contrary arrests and prosecutions just waste too many taxpayer dollars and devastate the lives of Caregivers and Patients and their families, creating additional County liabilities and accomplishing nothing but anguish for all.

Mr. Jagel's internal Memo of March 17, 2004, sets forth guidelines for prosecution at more than 49 plants per bona fide patient, two pounds of medicinal buds. This a good and humane guideline for the City Police, County Sheriff, Board of Supervisors, social services, Planners, Counsel and all Jurisdictions within Kern County subject to Mr. Jagel's prosecutorial guidelines. By respecting them we can help end the legal abuse of Cannabis patients and Caregivers.

Signed and Submitted for Publication as Letter to the Editor:

Matthew Angel, Bakersfield

Dustin Costa, Visalia

Reverend Joe Fortt, Bakersfield

Richard Lonewolf, Tehachapi (Disabled American Indian Vietnam Vet)

Debbie Love, Lake Isabella

Reverend Victor Love, Lake Isabella

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