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Working to provide medical marijuana patients and caregivers with a reasonable "safe harbor" from arrest based on federal research

Founder and director: Chris Conrad. Co-founder: Ralph Sherrow

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Volume 3 # 2, June 2005

Raich ruling is handed down and places the onus on Congress, Attorney General tells law enforcement to defend and enforce state law, Alameda County regulating dispensaries, Sonoma DA policy reduced plant count but not quantities, San Francisco considers SAN-style ordinance, Dispensaries open throughout the state.

Volume 3 # 1, January 2005

Progress report on SAN campaign, Statewide reform conference set, Oakland's Measure Z wins with 65% approval, California Appelate Court rulings update including Wright, Arbacauskas, Spark and Bearman decisions, Raich case argued, still waiting on Supreme Court decision, Dispensaries and right to obtain.

Volume 2 # 4, September 2004

Introducing our handbook, Cannabis Yields and Dosage. The tool you need to, explain federal studies, practical realities and legal circumstances. The centerpiede is the model SAN guidelines. How to use it, how to download it, how to order it. Also CHP taken to task for not complying with state law.

Volume 2 # 3, August 2004

Local SAN updates. City and county reports on progress throughout the state, from Humboldt to San Diego. Also reports on state and private agencies that refuse to abide by state law, and the governor vetoes a cleanup bill that had gotten mixed reviews from patients.

Volume 2 # 2, June 2004

DEA injunction, collectives and SB 420 clean up bill. Humboldt County's medical marijuana taskforce vindicated the SAN guidelines and is recommending the Board of Supervisors to back them. Angel Raich and the WAMM collectiveboth get injunctions against DEA raids on their gardens, and collectives are taking root all over the state.

Volume 2 # 1, February 2004

Patient flyer on what SB 420 means to them; SB 420 creates confusion and rollback of patient rights; Humboldt DA Gallegos survives recall vote; How do the collectives change things?

Volume 1 # 3. December 2003

New year brings changes at SAN and in state law. SAN co-founder Ralph Sherrow steps down and Karen Byars joins the team. Also, SB 420 shakes up local guidelines in Humboldt -- but is delayed from going into effect.

Volume 1 # 2. November 2003

Serve notice to counties regarding patient and caregivers rights under SB 420, now HS 11362.7 et seq. Also, our new city or county guideline ordinance utilizes the language of the new state law. Two versions of the proposed ordinance now exist: One calling for amounts equivalent to the federal IND dosage of six pounds per year, the other with a compromise proposal protecting only three pounds per patient.

Volume 1 # 1. October 2003

SB420 -- A Green Light for Garden Guidelines. This is the first in a series of newsletters to let you know the status of the Safe Access Now medical marijuana garden guidelines campaign. For more information on our project and the science behind it, please visit our website.

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